2013: Embracing Obstacles


Monterey, CA, United States
October 16th, 2013

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About this event

Obstacles are an intrinsic part of human civilization and progress. Rather than be blocked by them and accept the status quo, how can we embrace obstacles as opportunities for innovation in order to improve the human condition?

Some of the questions we will explore are:

  • What are some of the creative, physical, emotional, technical and financial obstacles humans experience today?
  • How can obstacles inspire us to alleviate human suffering?
  • What obstacles do we, as individuals, create for ourselves by how we think, act, walk and even move?
  • What simple innovations can be made to surmount tradition so humans can experience tremendous shifts in their ways of living and thinking?
  • What emotional roadblocks stand in the way of charitable giving?
  • Why is there often disconnect between charity and tangible philanthropic results?
  • How can charitable organizations surmount inefficiencies?

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