Upcoming 2018-2019 Event, “Chasing the Light”!

According to physics, light is electromagnetic radiation to which the eyes react. 


As a noun, light is defined as a source of illumination, radiance from a particular source, and also means daybreak. As a verb, light ignites, switches on, brightens, and illuminates. There are also expressions we use everyday that pertain to light, such as “going towards the light,” “coming to light,” “shedding light,” “bringing to light,” etc. While there are physical and technical definitions of light, light is also an abstract idea that has always fascinated and inspired humanity for eons. Light is a symbol for hope, goodness, curiosity, and the inexplicable. We chase after light, this intangible thing we strive to define, whether that be allegorical or literal.

The theme of our next TEDx event on Feb 13, 2019 is Chasing the Light. Please stay tuned for more information!

Great Success!

Our TEDx event, Voices of the World, on Nov 9, 2017, was a great success! We would like to express great appreciation to all the speakers, team members, and the audience, for their participation! Without you, this event would not happen. All speakers, under the theme Voices of the World, shared with us stories from different cultures and new unique perspectives. Once again, events such as this could never happen without people like you, so we thank you!

Our theme for the next event will be Chasing the Light. Please look forward to more updates!IMG_5929