2016: Legacy

Our event, which took place on October 14, 2016, was a great success. Thank you to all who participated and viewed the talk from near and far!




In our modern world today, everyone is so focused on the present that we often forget to look towards the future and create legacies with the intent of making our world a better place. Legacies come in many different forms, whether they are inherited from a predecessor, created by an organization, or formed by personal achievements.



With our theme of Legacy, we sought to to:

  • Recognize those with goals to make lasting societal contributions that will enrich our world.
  • Ponder how our own legacies have the potential to positively and negatively impact the future and those around us.
  • Learn to appreciate the legacies our families, friends, and peers have left for us.
  • Spark interest in the impacts others around us have made.
  • Create legacies to stimulate a dynamic and influential community.
  • Gain appreciation for the legacies others have created and sought to create.
  • Become inspired to plant and grow our personal legacies with the intention of fostering our own unique passions.