2015: Open Doors


Our TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool event, centered around the theme of “Open Doors,” was a tremendous success on Friday, October 9, 2015.

Thank you to all who attended, either in our live audience or via our livestream broadcast. But thank you, in particular, to our amazing speakers and to our TEDx team who put so much care and thought into producing a wonderful event.

We hope that the ideas shared by each of our speakers provokes more conversations and thought amongst our viewers in the coming weeks, and that new ideas are spawned.

As soon our recorded TEDx talks are on the TEDx YouTube channel, we will post the links here.

With our theme of “Open Doors,” we sought to:

  • Gain a better understanding of how different events in one’s life can lead to new opportunities, even if those opportunities are not immediately evident.
  • See how our actions can give others the ability to see and learn about new things.
  • Gain interest or insight in a new arena and begin to understand things from a different perspective.
  • Grow in appreciation for what others have done for us.
  • Get inspired by the fact that there are many amazing people in our community.
  • Be reminded that we are all capable and strong enough to overcome enormous challenges.
  • Gain a new perspective about how we can “open doors” for others and ourselves.

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