Speakers 2014

Tony Prophet, Business Leader


Tony Prophet is Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows Marketing – leading pricing, product marketing, brand strategy, go-to-market strategy and Windows Store. Throughout his career, Mr. Prophet has been an industry champion for protecting the rights of young workers, educating female workers on women’s health issues, and improving schools for the children of migrant workers. In his talk “Business Social Responsibility,” Prophet explains today’s push for corporations to emphasize their social responsibility. Corporations which practice transparency and which are held accountable for their business practices can spur big changes to protect the environment and to improve the lives of people and the communities in which they live.

Nínive Clements Calegari ’89, Educator and Author

Nínive Clements Calegari '89

Nínive Clements Calegari ’89, an alumna of Santa Catalina School, is the president and founder of the Teacher Salary Project and 826 Valencia, former executive director of 826 National, and, currently the Brave New Voices Network Initiatives Director. With Dave Eggers and Daniel Moulthrop she co-authored Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America’s Teachers (The New Press, 2005). In her talk “Teachers: A Matter of the Heart,” Clements Calegari ’89 explains that the greatest asset of the United States today is its school children… and the teachers who educate them . Given teachers’ important role in setting children on a successful path for life, why are we failing to nurture, cherish, respect and pay teachers well? How can we change that?

Deborah Goldstein, Philanthropist

Deborah Goldstein

Deborah Goldstein, founder of Enlightened Philanthropy, is dedicated to guiding the next generation in giving while drawing from years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management. As part of her multi-generational work, she focuses in particular on advising youth as they navigate the world of philanthropy. Ms. Goldstein aims  to inspire and empower young people to think of themselves as philanthropists. In her talk “Are you a Philanthropist?,” Goldstein urges us to redefine philanthropy so it is more inclusive, and to ensure that our own philanthropic work is in alignment with our values.

Jeannine Pacioni, Prosecutor

Jeannine Pacioni

Jeannine Pacioni, Monterey County Assistant District Attorney, has dedicated her career to the pursuit of justice. As Deputy District Attorney, Ms. Pacioni fought long and hard for a conviction in the long-unsolved 1997 murder of Monterey High School student Kristopher Olinger. In her talk “Passion for Justice,” Pacioni describes Kristopher’s brutal murder, his family’s arduous journey to solve the crime, and her own resolve to get justice for his family.

Imran Siddiquee, Writer and Filmmaker

Imran Sidiquee_headshot

Imran Siddiquee is a writer committed to promoting gender equity and racial justice. He is the former Director of Communications and was a founding staff member of The Representation Project, a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices caused by gender stereotypes. He has helped create and lead large-scale campaigns to challenge sexist media, increase media representation for marginalized people and shift the way society views gender. In his talk “How Hollywood can Tell Better Love Stories,” Siddiquee explains that film is fundamentally an experience in empathy — “it’s about understanding others.” For over a hundred years, Hollywood has trained us to believe that love belongs more frequently to certain people. How can Hollywood change that today and, in so doing, expand our collective conception of love?

Aimee David, Ocean Conservationist

Aimee David

Aimee David is the Director of Ocean Conservation Policy & Initiatives at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Since 2005, she has helped develop and advance federal and state policies to improve ocean health and protect marine wildlife at the state and national levels, and throughout the Pacific Ocean. Prior to the Aquarium, Ms. David served on the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy in Washington, D.C., where she participated in the research and development of a comprehensive suite of recommendations to the President and Congress for improving U.S. ocean governance and management. In her talk, “Empowering Aquariums to Save Our Oceans,” David speaks of the disturbing and destructive practice of shark finning and how it has led to a substantial decline in the world’s shark populations. While the Monterey Bay Aquarium has helped lead the way in banning shark finning and shark fin products, what can other aquariums do to ban this practice and advance ocean policy in general at the state and national levels?

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