2019: “Chasing the Light”

Chasing the Light

Don’t miss the livestream of our event on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, from 1:00-3:15p.m. We have five thought-provoking speakers who are eager to share their stories and new ideas with the world.

Why this theme? We are intrigued by light, literally and figuratively! 

IMG_4988According to physics, light is electromagnetic radiation to which the eyes react. As a noun, light is defined as a source of illumination, radiance from a particular source; it also means daybreak. As a verb, light ignites, switches on, brightens, and illuminates. There are expressions we use everyday that pertain to light, such as “going towards the light,” “coming to light,” “shedding light,” “bringing to light,” etc. While there are physical and technical definitions of light, light is also an abstract idea that has fascinated and inspired humanity for eons. Light is a symbol for hope, goodness, curiosity, and the inexplicable. We chase after light, this intangible thing we strive to define, whether that be allegorical or literal.

In our 2019 event, we aim to explore the deeper questions pertaining to light:

  • What light are scientists shedding within their fields? What are the latest new ideas and discoveries?
  • How can we open our eyes to the metaphoric light within others and ourselves?
  • Can we shine light on issues long held in the dark and gain new perspective?
  • What can we do to bring light into the darker aspects of life?
  • Is there a spiritual light within and/or around us and, if so, how can we perceive it?

Thank you to all who attend our event, watch our talks (present and past), and help support our work to spread new ideas worth sharing.

From the TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool Team 2019

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