2020: “Picture This”

PICTURE THIS: communicating with someone across the world via electromagnetic waves; humans flying in a machine shaped like a bird as a form of transportation; images of peopltedx logoe moving around, projected onto a screen; women having the right to vote; a person walking on the moon… These are all examples of dreams that were once thought to be impossible, but with determination and imagination, they have become reality.

All great ideas and innovations start with a single thought–a dream–and perhaps just a simple one. It is ideas coupled with action that shape the present and make a change.

Our TEDx 2020 theme of  “Picture This” aims to share the ideas within our community that can change the world for the better.

We live in a world where so much is possible. You can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 14, raise more than $300 million dollars for AIDs,  grant over 15,600 wishes through a nonprofit organization, or raise over 2.1 billion dollars in juvenile diabetes research. The possibilities are endless.

PICTURE THIS: a world that has discovered a cure for cancer; a world with communities that support each other no matter a person’s race, gender, or religion; a world that doesn’t have to worry about starvation or lack of shelter. Picture something, anything, that you’ve wanted for yourself or your community, now make it your reality. What’s stopping you? 

Join us in our live audience or via livestream on
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

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