2023: The Essence of Adolescence

This year’s TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool theme is “The Essence of Adolescence”. When we think about the word “adolescence”, thoughts such as development and growth come to mind. Sometimes people take their teen years for granted because they are so focused on their future. Our teenage years are for us to expand our horizons and explore areas of our interest. During these years, we experience maturity and find who we are. Through this year’s event, we would like for you to highlight the joys and challenges of adolescence as well as how we can take care of each other and ourselves.

Our TEDxSCS 2022-2023 team are thrilled to present this year’s event “The Essence of Adolescence” as Catalina’s first in-person TEDx event since Covid! On March 22, 2023, we present to you various speakers that we hope will encourage you to treasure these moments we have as students and to be grateful for the experiences that we are given. We are sure that you will find these speakers and their stories special and inspiring as we do!

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